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Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Oops! One last thing of poetry. Feel free to comment and enjoy.


Distracteth- why do you
do this prospie?

I see you working on
your project;

Through your talking,
you remind me of me.

And I wonder why you
talk trajects.

Banging the table, you
bother me so.

His madness is present
within you sir.

That much you are an
Edgar Allen Poe.

From your madness, you echo unique purr.

This purr is
nascent-rem of me in school.

Personalities of
friends varied.

Back in my days when I
was in high school.

For me, they are not
current parodies.

Regardless, they are
all persons unique.

However, I still find
them distracting.



Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Enjoy and comment.


In brightest day,

In blackest night,

Each day is another

I am not so much on the

as I often realize the
pain of the play;

the pain I am often in.

The play I am in

is trying to tryin’

to see the good in

Where does it hide;

Does it lie?

Why is it not alive?

When it is not alive,

I feel I get the lesser

end of the pie.

Each day, my skin is
punctured by others’ sin,

as I try to be nice
& helping to them kin,

who are not always
receptive to it.

As I try to act like

they do not sit

and see it.

Their lack of sit

makes me not fit;

fit into the picture.

The picture resembles

a bitter life for me

as I do not linger in

My lack of linger

what misses from its

my manor is not in

I am condemned from

to a pit of despair

that leaves me without
a prayer.

I try and try to get
out of this pit.

The kit is the answer
to the pit.

It is the mark of my

Within the kit, it
holds many itemations.

One of which is the

that will teach me the
answers I seek.

The answers I seek

will solve the streak;

the streak of

As I get the bookem, I
am tempted to peek.

My past sadness and
depression make me weap,

as I must know the
answers I seek.

The bookem contains
what I seek;

the answers to my

the shrieks that
continue to plague me.

The shrieks will leave me

if the knowledge goes
down the alley

and finds me fairly.

If it finds me fairly,

I won’t be locked in a

I will be happy and


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Comment and enjoy.


Abandoned I have been

by my friends,

whom I thought

would be there forever,

through their love;

through their honest care;

through their lack of selfishness,

but it seems not.

Abandoned I have been

by the lack of care my friends share;

the lack of love I feel;

the lack of decency they show.

I thought they were different

but it seems not.

Abandoned by my hope

that things would be different here;

that I would find something here;

something I had been searching a long
time for;

something like friendship.

I had searched long and hard

But it seems not to happen.

Abandoned I have been

by my instinct;

by my basic feeling;

my feeling that I could stay here;

that I would feel welcomed;

that I would be happy;

that this feeling could

keep me going,

but it seems not.

Abandoned I have been

by the possibility of love;

of finding a girl I could talk to;

that I could feel close to;

that I could share my life with

and vice-versa.

Of friendship;

the feeling I had others to talk to;

the feeling there were others like me;

the feeling those others cared about me;

that those others welcomed me into their

Possible before

because of my naiveté;

but also their naiveté ;

that clouded our views of one another

but it seems not anymore

now that I have discovered the truth

the truth of my abandonment

that they brought upon me.


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

This is my continuing posting of stuff I have wrote. Enjoy my reflection on fate. Comment.


Why must I be fated to walk a lonely

Is it wrong to want to find happiness?

Or does God wish me to become something;

great through my pain?

Every day I am left asking myself

these questions of confusion?

And I never receive any answers to

my constant pondering.
All I receive is the continued realization

that for the time being

I am not meant to be happy

and that’s fine by me


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

This is another poem I wrote about a creepy house I saw during my time in Kalamazoo, MI.

Enjoy and comment:


Dead trees.

Lots of garbage.

Door randomly opening.

Very quiet.

Who lives here?


Clear entrance;

dirty windows and doors;

barely seen from

the outside brick steps

and offwhite tile.

Who lives here?


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

This was a poem I wrote a couple months back. It was when I was having a rough time with someone I liked.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Please add any comments. Thanks.


I have only had this love once before

Along time ago in a land close

We swam together; we almost froze

Summers later, I told her my core

My great feelings then had been sent

Like a boat’s captain; lost in his war

I then realized my heart’s core shut

I realized that there was no cure

For the future I had seen for myself

Was as lost as the captain’s echoes

The cries for help the captain yelled

Again, I find myself in a similar

Circumstance; the same time as before

As this captain looks for help; for his key