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DFF: Interview with writer/artist David Finch

Monday, December 17th, 2012

TZ: What drew you to work on Justice League of America?

DF: It was a chance to work with Geoff. It was just the opportunity.

TZ: How did you get into illustrating?

DF: I did actually know I liked to draw. I was a high school dropout. Art seemed like the way to go. I didn’t know whether or not I was good.

TZ: How did you learn how to draw?

DF: I went to the library, and pick up lots of work. I got feedback from artists in Detroit, and was pretty obsessive. I sent stuff, and got multiple rejections. I then ran into people like Marc Silvestri.

TZ: What were your first major projects?

DF: I did CyberForce and a crossover with Joe Qaesada. I talked to him about Marvel. It’s a small business.

TZ: Why did you want to move to DC?

DF: I never wanted to leave Marvel but I always wanted to do Batman. Marvel’s like family but I hit a point where it was time. I went to DC, and they are like family now.

TZ: What is your work process?

DF: I work at home wake up, get up and work on the computer entirely. I send a .jpeg preview, and then am finished. They then go to colors. Working on the computer made me have more control; it’s nice to have that control.

TZ: How did Jason Fabok hook up with you? I interviewed him in October, and he said you were his mentor…..

DF: Jason emailed me with samples, and he’s fairly local. I had him at the house, and started working with him. He learned very quickly as it was only a few months. He wanted to work with Aspen, and his first DC issue was Superman/Batman. They were happy, and he did a couple issues of Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman Annual and now Detective Comics.

TZ: What interested you in taking on Batman?

DF: I naturally gravitate to darker characters. Gotham. Batman’s suit. It’s all dark; he’s very interesting. It all comes from his builds and guts.

TZ: What made you change to Justice League of America?

DF: I had done Batman for a while, did single character stories and moved to bigger ones.

TZ: Was it the multiple character scenarios?

DF: Multiple characters make it more difficult to showcase each character.

TZ: Who’s your favorite that you have been drawing?

DF: Green Arrow. He’s a real guy, and I like his whole demeanor.

TZ: Can you give fans any previews of what’s to come in the book?

DF: It will have a big story impact. I want it to be iconic and over the top. The script is coming from a pretty honest place. It’s important to make sure they’re real and honest.

TZ: What else are you working on?

DF: I am doing the covers for JLA and Katana. I am also doing covers for an unannounced project.



Batman and Robin #15 review

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Damian is concerned about Alfred. He is not happy about his kidnapping, and does not think his father is doing an adequate job of trying to stop the Joker. This leads him to seek out the Joker in his ever evolving investigation into the Joker.

Damian’s journey leads him to the Gotham Zoo where he finds the bones of a dead guard eaten. At first, he thinks this is Alfred but finds out it is otherwise. He ends up finding the Joker to fight him. He tortures Damian psychologically with the thought he is a burden to Batman. He reminds Damian of their battle a while ago when Dick was Batman, and Joker uses the tapped on face in very disturbing ways. As Damian is about broken, a Jokerized Batman comes to fight Damian.

Peter Tomasi is writing perhaps the darkest story in the series thus far. The interaction between the two characters is great, and it is funny to see the past Batman and Robin moments highlighted upon because now Joker has the upper hand. The real star for this issue is Patrick Gleason who perhaps outdoes any other artist in “The Death of the Family” event with his portrayal of the Joker as a living demon. The way he illustrates the Joker’s face mask and actually face create some of the scariest panels in comic books as of late.

Damian is in for some trouble if he doesn’t escape it soon……


Batgirl #15 review

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Barbara Gordon is in trouble. She has a kidnapped mother, and now has to battle the Joker. On top of that, he just proposed marriage to her.

This is perhaps one of the most disturbing issues of the series thus far as the Joker breaks Barbara down. He plays upon her love of her mother by threatening harm if she does not choose marriage. At the same time, things are still going badly for Alysia who turns to Barbara’s brother James in her time of need. However, she does not know who James is or what his plans are. Barbara severely beats the Joker until he tells her where she needs to go unless she wants her mother to suffer. She ends up going to the next location swearing she won’t let that monster harm her mother anymore that night.

Gail Simone writes one of the creepiest issues of the series thus far and really makes the Joker creepy but fun as well. He is funny but he makes you hate yourself for laughing at him. That is quite a job well done. Daniel Sampere who fills in for Ed Benes does a really creepy job of illustrating the Joker. His style is similar to Benes, and it melds with Benes’ previous issues. Nonetheless, he illustrates a dire circumstance Barbara finds herself in.

I guess the next thing for Barbara to say is: “I do?”


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Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Spy club leads to dreams of writing – The Varsity News – University of Detroit Mercy.

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After election, many at UDM hope for focus on economics – The Varsity News – University of Detroit Mercy

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

After election, many at UDM hope for focus on economics – The Varsity News – University of Detroit Mercy.

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Veryser and DiGiovanni – The Varsity News – University of Detroit Mercy

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Veryser and DiGiovanni – The Varsity News – University of Detroit Mercy.

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Batman Beyond Unlimited #10 review

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Batman Beyond Unlimited finds our heroes in free fall. Some stories are ending, some stories are in the middle and others are just beginning. This is an exciting issue because of the possibilities the series continue to propose.

In Justice League Beyond, Terry has transformed into Etrigan. He and Superman are able to take down the giant Kobra dragon while Micron is able to save Barda and Aquagirl in time before things turn bad. Unfortunately, Superman’s lifelong pal dies…. which is quite sad and sees Superman mourning his loss towards the end. Each character reunites with their loved ones after the giant story, and we also see the introduction of an old favorite and husband of Barda’s.

In Batman Beyond, things are looking less favorable for Terry and the gang. While the new Joker leader or Doug Tan, Dana’s brother, makes his way back to Gotham to make the terrorist attacks personal, Terry, Catwoman, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Vigilante are left to deal with the mess the Jokerz have made. At the same time, Bruce is still in the hospital unguarded and vulnerable. However when things do get personal, it is the old Mr. Wayne who shows he still has a little fight left in him.

Superman Beyond takes a new bold direction. Clark has decided to give up his old life to become Kal Kent, and join the Metropolis Fire Department. He sees this as the new direction of his life especially after feeling lost in this future. Now, he feels he has a role to play, and it is nice to see him feel satisfied again and like the old Superman we know and love. While he rejoices in his new life, a threat from the Trillians awaits…..

Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs provide a very satisfying ending to their first salvo of the series. They managed to do a lot in their first story, and it paid off quite well when the heroes were finally able to get the upper hand on the bad guys. What was really well done was not only the relationships of the team but also expanding upon the threat of Kobra making them much more terrifying akin to the League of Assassins in the modern DCU.

Adam Beechen continues to rank up the threat posed by the Jokerz. Not only is Doug Tan a success as the new Joker leader, he is about as menacing a villain as any Bat-villain to come before him. What Beechen has coming up will certainly leave a mark on Terry for future stories. Norm Breyfogle continues to define the book with his art. He knows how to tell a story, and not only masters each character perfectly but is also able to create new awesome characters with Beechen like the new Joker leader.

JT Krul provides a very satisfying opening to his new arc. A firefighter career makes all the sense in the world for Superman, and I look forward to seeing him put out fires both real and metaphorical. I am quite curious to see why this new race called the Trillians is watching him. Howard Porter does a great job as usual nailing the character’s look, and really does some of the best work thus far with Firefighter Superman.

As a Beyond fan, this book has never disappointed me, and always gives me pleasure reading it. The hard work of the teams shows, and continues to leave questions as to the future. This issue is definitely no different.


Superman #14 review

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Remember that really awkward moment from Supergirl #14? Well, there are certainly answers to that in this newest (and best of the series) issue of Superman yet. All writer Scott Lobdell has planning comes to the forefront here, and things really start to get rocky.

After the awkward moment where Supergirl enters into Clark Kent’s life unexpectedly, Superman is introduced finally to H’el. His backstory is introduced, and seems fairly plausible but when our hero starts to break it apart, the reader is left wondering whether this alien is really honest especially considering the physical differences between his so-called “kryptonian brother.” Beyond that, H’el is threatening the life of Superboy because he’s a clone, and is weary of them apparently. This really becomes detrimental to the hero but Superman is there to stop any harm after they battle temporarily.

Scott Lobdell is the best writer to come on this series, and is the creator it was looking for. He is giving this book (and the Superman universe) an awesome direction, and it definitely shows when this doesn’t feel like a forced crossover. It seems more akin to what’s going on with the Bat-books, and reading Superman makes me so sorry for Superboy that I want to pick up that series now. Kenneth Rocafort is someone I cannot forget because he brings energy and his great art style to every panel. It is fantastic to watch it unfold.

I might have to start picking up Superboy if this series keeps getting more awesome……