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Green Arrow #14 review

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Oliver Queen just survived quite an ordeal. He lost his company, and has now just gotten it back. Yet upon his return, Seattle is being invaded by hawks. He’s probably thinking: “Just great.”

However with his commitment to justice, he won’t just let this occur. He finds himself alongside Hawkman on this ride with Carter being a fugitive from Thanagarian justice. Not only that, a woman who is seemingly in love with him is caught up in this. Ollie is able to save them from Hawkman but not until the woman named Emma is kidnapped. Luckily, they are able to rescue her but things aren’t going quite good on the business front. The transfer of Ollie’s stocks back to Seattle has been stopped by the Chinese government, and Suzie Ming is looking into what’s going on. Worse yet is that Emerson (currently in charge of Q Corp) has something to do with it, and knows more than he is letting on to the situation. However, Ollie has hawks to deal with first.

While I am not a fan of crossovers that seemed forced (and this definitely does), Ann Nocenti does an incredible job with Ollie’s story still. She keeps the focus on him even with hawks in the background, and brings Ollie’s heroism to light which has been difficult to see sometimes with the problems plaguing him. However, his responses to them have made him more of an interesting character nonetheless.

Freddie Williams really nails Ollie and his world. I am totally fine with him permanently taking over for Harvey Talibao (who did a great job), and will like seeing him round out the final issues (albeit sad) of Nocenti’s run.

Luckily, she’s doing a great job on Catwoman, and I am sure Katana will be awesome too.



Green Lantern #14 review

Monday, November 12th, 2012

At the beginning of issue fourteen, Simon Baz’s life is slowly falling apart. He doesn’t have any control over the ring that’s found him but he’s also being confronted by his family for the crimes he has committed; not to mention the police and the nation itself. With that in mind, what could make things worse?

The Justice League is the answer to that question. Baz is caught completely off guard, and does battle with them. They don’t trust him because he has been labeled a terrorist, and he won’t give in because he feels he needs to stop the bomber as that’s why the ring was given to him. He is able to escape, and meets with Sira who tells him Nazir’s coma was not his fault. He tells her he feels he can make a difference with the ring, and keep himself safe. Unfortunately for him, there’s a threat looming closer and closer to him, and the two men who can stop it Hal Jordan and Sinestro are in the Dead Zone.

Geoff Johns continues to keep me in suspense. I love when he writes these epics, and throwing an entirely new character into the mix while he deals with a huge change to his life keeps the story fresh. However, I still have problems with the way Baz was dealt with by police and the portrayal of Dearborn, MI as a very urban city when it is not quite like that.

Doug Mahnke is still doing the best work of his career here. He is capturing every scene great, and dynamically differs the different characters and environments. With his look to the Dead Zone, I cannot wait for next month.

With these two at the helm, I will always look forward to the next issue even if I disagree with minor things in it somewhat.


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