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Life as a college student

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Life as a college student is not easy. Lately, I have found myself with little time beyond working my jobs for the websites I write for and my part-time job on the side. Along with that, I have class every day along with the work that comes with it, and I am trying to write on the site. Having a social life for me right now is tough because I am constantly tired, and feel exhausted increasingly. This semester is going to be a tight squeeze for me with all this stuff going on.

Along with that, I want to mention things people will never discuss. I am continually pondered as to why girls act the way they do at my current age of 20. I do not understand why they are so picky towards the types of guys they date (and they are not beauties at all), and why they skip out on the types of guys that could be long and meaningful relationships. It confuses me and a some of my friends who are the same way. They have the same troubles, and I thought girls would be a little more straightforward based on having two siblings who are female. However, that only seems to be the case since they are my siblings.

I am going to remain single for now because I see my efforts not paying off to be able to even have a friendship with a girl when all they think I am doing is trying to take them out. I am not currently interested in a relationship because I have given up trying to find a girlfriend. I just want friends (be they male or female), and I do not understand why females see genuinely nice guys trying to always “hit” on them. We do not “hit” on people but if something comes about as a result of friendship, we will not deny if something comes out as a result. However, I do not see anything like that coming anytime soon.

Beyond that, it is difficult for my friends and I to keep in touch when things are busy in life.

Hopefully, things become easier, and I get some more time on my hands…..


The evolution of my blog

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

It is interesting watching your blog evolve. I am starting to tag things in my articles, and find it interesting to build an audience for my articles via using this blog. It extends to my audience beyond the websites I work for. I plan on continuing advancing my blog even more as my time grows.

Recent updates

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Sorry for my lack of posts. The weeks have been busy. Below, you can find links to my most recent reviews.

Reed Guenther #7:

Supergirl #4:

Justice League Dark #4:

Salem’s Daughter The Haunting #4:
Also: my next Zimmertainment column is coming next week.

Stay tuned…..

Latest Zimmertainment column from Project Fanboy

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

I buy a lot of comics.

I currently have a huge pile of comics I need to read.

I need to finish more of them.

But, I currently have a lot on my plate.

It is not always a good idea to buy a lot of them.

The amount of money that is expended today on comics is amazing.

I expend usually 20 dollars on comics per week.

I usually buy at least five comics, and I want to read them all.

I am interested in quite a lot of what DC Comics is publishing right now.

Their characters are the most unique amongst the big two comic companies, and they currently have the best writers in the business.

To read these stories, I have to continue buying them.

However, I am currently a student at a local college.

I have five classes, and that stuff takes up time.

However, I am able to find time to read them all.

I think people should watch how much they read or are willing to expend money on.

At $2.99 per comic today, it is quite expensive.

Having a job in a recession is something I am quite fortunate to have.

Through that, I am able to buy comics.

However, I would recommend people watch how much they buy.

Do you have enough time to read it all? To buy it all?

I certainly do but do you?

Project Fanboy link:

Justice League #4 review

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Please read my review of Justice League #4:

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Project Fanboy:

Geoff Johns hands the spotlight over to Aquaman in the newest issue of Justice League. The main antagonist also makes his grand debut.

The issue opens up with Victor Stone’s transformation into Cyborg. He becomes overwhelmed with it, and runs away from his father after confronting him. The situation moves back to the current challenge. Aquaman makes his first appearance, and causes strife amongst his teammates. He says he should lead the league, and causes competition within the league. Batman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman argue over who should lead. Aquaman demonstrates his abilities when challenged to display them. The league then moves back into battle when Darkseid’s troops assault them. Steve Trevor alerts his fellow combatants to stop firing on Wonder Woman when the army starts to fire on her. They stop, and Cyborg protects a woman from some of Darkseid’s troops. A boom tube he gets his hands on transports him to the battlefield the other leaguers are on. The army troops are protected from Darkseid’s troops by the league. Cyborg joins the league, and warns them of what is to come. Afterwards, Darkseid arrives….

Geoff Johns is crafting an epic story to re-tell the origin of the Justice League. He continues to hit every beat of the story. Jim Lee’s artwork is again dynamic and fantastic illustrating Johns’ epic script. Together, these two are producing one of the best comics on the market today.


Nightwing #4 review

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

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Kyle Higgins picks up threads from Gail Simone’s Batgirl #3. Higgins re-examines the relationship between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon.

The issue starts off with Batgirl going after a shape shifter appropriately named Spinebender. After she loses him, the issue goes back to Dick. He is sharing a bed with Raya Vestri, his current love interest. They discuss where their relationship is going. Raya says it is only temporary until Dick solves the current mystery surrounding the assassin Saiko. Despite her cynicism, Dick does agree with the reality of her statements. The issue moves to someone asking some circus folk where they could find Dick Grayson. Barbara Gordon shows up at Dick’s apartment. She interrupts him when he is with Raya, and the two girls are introduced. Raya suspects something else than Gordon just “dropping in to say hi.” Gordon convinces Dick to give her another shot for a team-up. They go off hunting for Spinebender. They stop him after he at one point poses as Dick. He is turned to glass after he is electrified by Dick in his Nightwing guise. As they get undressed from their costumes (or did they just have sex), Barbara apologizes for interrupting his time with Raya. She says she is happy he is happy, and he says the same for her. Raya then bumps into her on the way out, and Barbara makes clear they are just close friends. She wishes Raya the best of luck but she does not knock on Dick’s door when she has the chance to.

Kyle Higgins delivers a lighter issue. It is a reflection on the relationship between Gordon and Grayson, and he hits every beat of the comic. Trevor McCarthy does a great job filling in for Eddy Barrows. If Barrows decided to leave at some point which I hope he does not, I would not mind McCarthy taking over art duties; a solid issue overall…….


Red Hood and the Outlaws #4 review

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #4 focuses on Starfire’s fight with a creature named Crux. Elsewhere, Jason and Roy have other issues to contend with.

The issue opens up with Jason and Roy at a bar. Roy contemplates his sobriety versus his need to cover Jason’s back. They eventually beat up a whole bunch of guys, and a security guard arrests them. Meanwhile, Starfire is covering them from the top. She eventually has to contend with a human turned alien creature named Crux. His parents were scientists, and were killed. He then combined alien DNA with his in order to seek out, and hunt any aliens on Earth. A Tamaranean warship crashed into his parents’ car, and he has a certain vendetta towards them now. He gets excited when he finds Starfire. While Jason and Roy uncover the security guard as a member of a secret race who wished not to be disturbed the All-Caste which Jason and friends are investigating, Roy goes off to help Starfire when he realizes she is in trouble. Jason ends up having to finish contending with the guard turned enemy…..

Scott Lobdell continues to handle the characterizations quite nicely while moving the story forward. Kenneth Rocafort’s art is quite awesome, and brings a nice tone to the book. It is a mixture of realism and surrealism that makes his art necessary to the book. I look forward to seeing where the story picks up next month…..


Birds of Prey #4 review

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

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Birds of Prey #4 is the best issue in the series thus far. Batgirl joins the team, and this issue could not be better.

The issue begins with Black Canary being knocked out by Starling. Canary apparently has a bomb in her head, and she can hear someone speaking in her mind. When she wakes up, Starling fills her in on how the team stopped the invisible soldiers called the Cleaners who apparently work for someone named Choke. All this leads to an infiltration of where their headquarters is. Batgirl joins the team officially to help them out. The HQ is apparently in between floors, and can only be accessed by certain locations. They are able to enter, and find no one around. Starling explains that a laser will reveal them since their suits only bend light, and, as a result, they are not invisible. When the Cleaners are revealed (lots of them), the team gets into formation. However, a certain voice interrupts them, and they teleport to a completely different location. Worse is that Batgirl is missing…

Duane Swierczynski does a fantastic job with moving the narrative along while maintaining a hold on the many personalities in the book. Jesus Saiz’s artwork continues to be fantastic, and fit the book quite well. My only distaste towards this issue was that it did not provide a very good intro to the team for Batgirl. It made sense but the cover lead me to believe the issue would focus more on Batgirl’s entrance while it actually did not. All in all, it was a great issue.


Hawk and Dove #4 review

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

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In the fourth issue of Hawk and Dove, the two heroes have managed to catch Condor. He is not too happy as he is interrogated in the book’s opening.

Issue four sees Condor at a desk surrounded by police officers and the two heroes. Dove tries to ask him questions after Condor’s mask over his mouth is taken off. However, he does not start to speak until Hawk has his go at him. Dove reassures the police that she has Hawk under control. She makes clear that it is her job to keep him under control. However, Swan begins to attack Dove on a different level mysteriously. She wakes up after the mysteriousness as she is signaled into the interrogation room again. In it, Condor makes his plans clear to the two heroes. He says how he is going to take Hawk’s avatar, and he expresses his curiosity about Dove’s peace avatar. He has only been familiar with war ones. He reveals how Deadman’s presence allows Swan to go onto his plain, and attack Deadman himself. As he comes to help Dove, he is attacked by Swan. Dove’s spirit therefore must’ve been attacked. Hawk begins to get angry, and starts causing a lot of physical attacks. In the confusion amongst Deadman’s disappearance, Condor escapes……

Sterling Gates unfortunately will be departing because, again, DC wants to take this comic in a different direction. It seems fine to me, and continually works quite well under his writing. Rob Liefeld (who will also take over the writing after Gates’ departure) does a fantastic job with the art adding realism along with dynamism to the story. Unfortunately, these two will be separated soon but I will continue to like the duo until then…..


Huntress #3 review

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Please check out my review of Huntress #3:

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The Huntress miniseries continues in issue three as the re-introduction of Helena Bertinelli remains successful.

Issue four opens up with Moretti, his men, and his girl coming off a boat. Huntress is watching them as he does his business. Huntress makes her appearance, and takes down his men. Moretti’s girl presents Salam and the officers a drink while Ibn Hassan will return from Pompeii. He is apparently possibly getting asylum from the Arab Spring in his home country. Huntress is shocked, and she goes undercover. She makes use of her friend Alessandro who works as a detective. She also makes a point of saying she is a cat person, and not as much a dog person. She eventually changes into her Huntress gear when she sees strange happenings occurring. She then takes down the men who are meeting. The scene then goes back to the boat where everything is going down. One of Hassan’s men is there along with Moretti’s men. The main business is occurring there, and there are trafficked women there who are offered to one of Moretti’s men. Hassan makes his grand entrance, and Huntress continues her battle back at where she went undercover. She is eventually cornered, and defeats the man……..

Paul Levitz does an excellent job re-introducing the character he created along with providing an interesting and modern narrative for its backdrop. One of my favorite artists Marcus To does an awesome job with the art. His art is realistic, very detailed, and adds dynamism to it as well. With these men at the helm of the miniseries, this is currently my favorite one I am reading……